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  • Modern plots that take a shine to history, science, arts and culture
  • Characters adrift finding home in the truest sense
  • Relationships in all of their complexity and scraped up beauty
  • Simple mysteries and fleshed out characters
  • Settings with personality
  • Language that sings

Reviews of The Language of Sparrows:

The Language of Sparrows provides deep, intriguing insights into the lives of the main characters. Rachel Phifer has skillfully woven a tale that goes beyond the surface, reaching into the depths of the human heart. I found myself drinking in her words, waiting for the next scene to unfold revealing yet another facet to this beautiful story. It is filled with thought, perspective, and the slightest touch of romance. A great read for someone who desires to engage in a story that will take them beyond the surface. Emilie Hendryx, Thinking Thoughts Book Reviews 

This book is a cracker!  It is written with such sensitivity; a really beautiful  accomplishment.  With subtlety, authenticity and a sure hand, Rachel Phifer  draws relationships as they truly are, with all their tenderness and all their struggle.  Her characters are entirely believable, their crises and hopes portrayed with honesty and compassion. Penelope Wilcock, author of The Hawk and the Dove 

I appreciated this novel for its winsome company during a long, transatlantic flight home this summer. Though the story lifts off gradually, it didn’t take me long to get pulled into the characters’ lives, and soon I was completely absorbed in this lovely, insightful novel. Katherine Scott Jones, Stories to Celebrate Beauty Amidst Brokenness

The Language of Sparrows, by Rachel Phifer, is a beautifully written story of betrayal and an unlikely friendship, forged from understanding. Novel Rocket and I recommend it. It’s a perfect book club selection. Ane Mulligan, Novel Rocket